I'm Greg Fischer, a community connector, a real estate broker and relocation specialist. I educate about real estate markets to help people make the best moves.

I've spent 12 years in the real estate industry, as a property manager, launching my own real estate company, joining a software startup and most recently as a product marketer for realtor.com. My current endeavor is as a principal real estate broker with Fred Real Estate Group, providing advice and consultation for people interested in making Bend their permanent home. Participating on a software team that launched many interesting real estate products over the last few years has been an amazing experience, but I'm grateful to be working with people in a personal capacity again.

Greg Fischer real estate broker in Bend Oregon


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Greg was recommended to us via my sister who is also an agent in a different state. He was over the top helpful both in his ability to help us secure our dream home but also in helping us navigate moving to a brand new town and how to get connected.
— Lauren C

Greg has a down-to-earth communication style that makes you feel like he knows you as a friend, and genuinely cares about what you care about in a home. We did not have to stress about the negotiation at all. Overall it was just a really enjoyable experience
— Julianne H

Greg quickly learned our communication style which made for enjoyable and efficient communication. I would highly recommend him for both his professional knowledge and skill, his very hard work going beyond expectations, and his friendly easy to work with personality.
— Glenn T

Real estate experience


Fred Real Estate Group
Bend, OR
Principal Broker
Mar 16 - Present

West + Main Homes
Denver, CO
Agent Experience
Nov 18 - Present


San Diego, CA
Product Marketing
Apr 16 - Aug 16

Move, Inc & Realtor.com
San Jose, CA
Strategic Partnerships
Mar 14 - Mar 16

New York, NY
Product Marketing
May 13 - Mar 16

Fischer Real Estate Services
Fort Worth, TX
Principal Broker
Jun 07 - Dec 13

editorial pieces

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A review of the fun educational mobile app we launched called Doorsteps Swipe

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