Video Works with The NW Collective

"We expect to be instantly famous, our generation...we forget about hard work - and it's so important" - Whitney on craft

Eric Parnell and Whitney Parnell run The NW Collective, a commercial video production studio (and co-working space) providing high-quality, custom video work for local businesses, all centered on capturing the essence of those companies balanced against the breathtaking landscape of Central Oregon that we all have grown to love.


Things start coming together

Establishing roots

  • Like many adventurous young people, Eric originally moved to Bend to "go to college" but was also deeply drawn to the outdoor lifestyle, most notably the ski community at Mount Bachelor. After a short stint in New Mexico, he came back to town when he started to see "this whole new vibe in Bend and entrepreneurial spirit" which inspired him to open The NW Collective.

Finding a partner 

  • Whitney and Eric just started working together last year, but have been good friends for 10 years. Sharing the same last name has been part of it, but they're actually not related (Eric just had a baby with his wife Lindsay). With strong experience in event planning and production, Whitney had the organizational skills needed to bring it to the next level. "It's been a good setup." 

An evolution in filmmaking

Early days

  • "It started out with skateboarding and snowboarding and these action sports aspects, just making videos for my buddies. But once I figured out that it could become a career path...I stuck with it." Eric is drawn to the ability to "to craft my story, and edit it and put the pieces together in a way that I'm proud of before I can show it to the world. I really like that aspect of video work."

A dream come true

  • When Eric was 19 he got an incredible opportunity to work for locals Rage Films, who mostly did ski movies. "So I teamed up with those guys....they were doing this cool video work, I showed up and said hey, I'd love to be a part of it how can I help out? He just put me to work...I fell in love with the scene." And just like that Eric started his life long career in video production.

What the operation looks like today

The new space opens

  • The NW Collective just opened a new space that is part office and part co-working space. It feels like an incredibly forward-thinking proposition in that the company subsidizes its costs by providing space for other freelance creatives to work from, all the while potentially attracting other professionals for them to work with. "We want it to be this creative, collaborative environment."

Quality and creativity go hand in hand

  • Eric describes the inbound interest in their work, "It's honestly been a lot of word of mouth. If you've done work with their friend...that just vets you a little bit, we have that common connection." They work closely with clients to customize a plan that makes the most sense. Whitney creates a schedule and process to the creative work, mentioning how "we're emailing updates all the time," and that commitment to creating a reliable and transparent process is very evident in the quality work getting put out.

How they view their role in the community

Focusing on people

  • "We've made a shift in the last year. We're just learning and growing as we go. I've realized the importance of putting our clients first." Eric admits, "I used to just want to make amazing videos," but as he and Whitney grow and evolve the company they seek to align the work more closely with clients to be sure the right assets get created for them. "Is this piece actually going to help them grow? Is this effective as a marketing tool? We want these local business to succeed and do really well." Whitney shares some insights in the interview about how they made the new Fred Real Estate Group video, which you can see here: link. "If we can identify their goals and strategize the whole project around that, it's been really cool." Their portfolio speaks for itself.

Favorite experiences around town

Eric found some new places while Whitney leans on tradition

  • Eric "This past year I got into Dillon Falls, Benham Falls, Lava Lake, that whole area of trails and along the river." 
  • Whitney "We have a tradition when it first snows. We go to 900 Wall and get hot buttered rum."


The NW Collective

The NW Collective Bend Oregon

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