"It sounded amazing, it was groovy, the crowd got so into it and everybody was dancing so hard" - Stacy on a 4 Peaks jam session

The inaugural 4 Peaks Music Festival was in 2007. Enduring through the most recent economic recession, the festival continues to evolve through the direction of Stacy Totland, a tenacious and passionate music lover dedicated to organizing one of the most diverse, scenic, and family-friendly events on the festival circuit, held annually right here in Central Oregon June 16th-19th. 

Interview highlights

A life driven by music

Early influences

  • Stacy recalls developing her musical tastes at a very young age. "When I was in Junior High I got turned on to Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead, The Allman Brothers, and Jimi Hendrix, and I don’t know how all of those artists came to me at that point or that young, but I think it had something to do with who was driving my carpool." Live music was readily accessible in L.A. which afforded Stacy with plenty of chances to see her idols up close, even Prince, which she says "was just see and feel that energy live."

Music festivals and the outdoors

  • Stacy went to school in Colorado and immersed herself more in the music scene, especially after moving to Telluride. "The other pivotal moment came in 1999, when Sam Bush took the stage, and I was right up there near the stage, and that energy, and that mandolin, and that live show, with those mountains, it just consumed me. It got into me." Stacy worked on a lot of the local festivals in Telluride, which helped her earn connections in the music scene, and learn the ropes when it came to running events. 

The inception of 4 Peaks Music Festival

  • It started out pretty low key. "In early 2007 I was approached by Eric Walton" who said "I want to put on a backyard party essentially, with Poor Mans whiskey..I know you’ve been involved with these things, do you want to help? And I said sure, I’m in." But it eventually morphed into a festival on a larger property. When Stacy saw the site she remembers "My jaw dropped, and I was thinking, this is a done deal. Let's do it. Flat open pastures, beautiful grassy knolls, huge mountain views, and all of the space we could imagine for roaming and dancing, and having vendors, and having flat camping." 
4 Peaks Music Festival Camping and Mountains

A music festival maven

What it takes to run a festival

  • Stacy kept the festival going through the recession and was able to buy out her partners in 2013 to start doing it all herself. "It grew again...and the mass gathering permit to do a loan was quite daunting, but I did it, and it's sold out every year since then." It's an all year affair for Stacy, a huge undertaking supported by volunteers and staff members who keep things running smoothly. "I couldn't do it without my booking agent, Jason Beard, who is actually in Poor Mans Whiskey." They work together to find acts "who we think would fit for our mission, and vision, and values on this property." She also gets help from a site manager, volunteer manager, and a beverage manager. "I couldn't do it without these's a huge undertaking." There are also more than 100 volunteers who help during the festival. 

A family-friendly atmosphere

  • Stacy is passionate about the experience of festival attendees, specifically working to promote a family-friendly environment suitable for kids. "Families are huge, we have so many kids running around, kids under 10 are free, so it's a big family affair." Most families camp the entire weekend with so many things to do on the site. "We have new things this year, such as a movie under the stars after the main stage closes down for all family members, that will be kid-friendly."
4 Peaks Music Festival Stage
4 Peaks Music Festival Kid Friendly

Getting to the festival

Tips for first-timers

  • "Everything is super super close in. You're not going to have to do a long walk. We have everything right there for you in the venue...bring shade, that is for sure." On food "No need to bring anything to cook if you don't want, there's breakfast, lunch, and dinner." There will also be plenty of adult beverages, including custom Kombucha cocktails. 

Get your tickets now

  • 4 Peaks Music Festival usually sells out, but there are still tickets available so be sure to buy them before June 1st when the prices go up. Passes are $170 for adults, $70 for teens, and FREE for kids 10 and under. Camping is also FREE. Learn more on the 4 Peaks Music Festival Website. 

Favorite place in Bend

For locals or visitors to the festival

  • Stacy loves Broken Top Bottle Shop because of their extensive food and beer selections, but has a special place in her heart for Salud. "I just love that there's somebody in town that can sustain a raw cafe with really really healthy, wonderful options."

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