Fine art follows the heart with Megan Marie Myers

"While the imagery is approachable, I try not to make it simple" - Megan on creating connections in her art

Megan Marie Myers has a long history in the Pacific Northwest, but just recently moved to Bend to start the next phase of her career. She creates original works that are inspired by her journeys in nature, celebrating the interactions she has experienced or imagined, and reflecting her love of the outdoors.

Interview highlights

On finding her path in the art world

Seattle came calling

  • Megan grew up in Medford and went to college at Seattle University to study Fine Arts. She noted how studying there expanded the way she thought about art. "Everything you do is supposed to have a more global have a larger mission, and touch more people or help people, and have a social justice viewpoint." After doing some arts administration work around Washington, Megan landed a dream job with renowned glass artist Chihuly, where she spent the next five years. "It was very exciting and I really learned a lot".

A transition point in Portland

  • Megan had entrenched herself in the fine arts world in Seattle, but ultimately had a desire to to bring her own creative projects to life, which meant moving to Portland to focus on painting more. She subsidized her new venture with a day job painting at Trader Joes. "It allowed me to have 7 to 8 hours a day of designing and creating, and I feel like I really grew." She built momentum in the city painting food carts, offices, residential murals, large canvas works, and by creating a series of greeting cards. She has been sharing her work regularly at shows and in exhibits all over the region and sells some of her work online through her Etsy site.

The evolution of style

The early influences

  • "I think I developed the style as far back as childhood and I've just been trying to make it better, and better, and better and more complex, and more interesting." She referenced how the story, The Little Price, influenced her work "when you're young and you read it, its a great adventure story and it's sort of about love and friendship, but when you're older and you read it, it has this deeper's a very emotional and sentimental book you can't really understand until you've experience more things in your life." A lot of Megan's work reflects relationships, represented by children and animals exploring the world together. "The landscapes are really dream-like...I'm not necessarily interpreting exactly what I've seen, but with the colors, and the composition, and with the way the characters are interacting with their setting, I try to re-imagine the feeling I had when I was standing on that mountain or swimming in that lake."

The next chapter in Bend

  • "I feel like people in Bend...the outdoors are part of their everyday's not on the periphery. It's like everyday people are enjoying the things they love and they're finding the solitude that nature provides, and they're enjoying the world around them, so I try to take those things and put them in my artwork so that people can experience them even when they're not in those places themselves." She's been inspired by some new scenery in Central Oregon, taking trips to parts of the state she hadn't explored previously. "We took this trip out to Christmas Valley and the sand dunes, and that was a sort of an alien landscape for me, we saw Fort seems like you're on the moon. Coming from places like Seattle or Portland that are very lush, these high desert landscapes are something that I really want to start connecting with in my artwork...and the juxtaposition between that and these beautiful mountains that surround us." I can't wait to see what see what she comes up with. 

How to engage with Megan

  • Start by following Megan's work on Instagram. You can purchase cards and prints on her Etsy site, but expect to see her work in some local retailers in the coming months. You'll be able to find Megan at the Bend Summer Festival and the Bend Fall Festival which both take place downtown. If you're interested in commissioning some work, Megan's art is perfect for kids rooms, waiting rooms, or any other large canvas you can think of. 

Favorite things to do in Bend

In the mountains

  • "We try to climb South Sister as often as we can and the Mount Jefferson Wilderness is really close by, which we've spent a lot of time running in..And then I have this whole bucket list of hobbies I'm chomping at the bit that I want to learn."

A new favorite place

  • Megan loves Brother John's Public House, but is excited about Worthy Brewing's bigger operation on the east side as well. 

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