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"Lets do this, lets make things a little bit easier for people...this is it." - Bilbrey on creating a new lifestyle in Bend

Central Oregon is a haven for professional athletes, but what about the rest of us who just want to try and stay in shape? Ryan Bilbrey runs Camp Victory, a personal training outfit that is all about customizing workout plans on an individual level and removing the anxiety of working out in a traditional gym and changing that setting to your home, office, or the beautiful natural backdrop of the outdoors.


Setting up roots

Why the business started

  • In Ryan's own words Camp Victory is all about "mobile personal training, trying to give people flexibility...what works best for them. Trying to make personal training more affordable and more accessible for more people, so they are more apt to take care of themselves." Ryan has a very holistic view on fitness which shined through as I talked with him further.

How he chose personal training

  • Ryan was inspired to do something to "continue to help people, but take care of myself," and completed his personal training certification about 4 years ago after being encouraged by a friend to pursue the career based on his warm personality and comprehensive fitness knowledge. He is a student of the craft and is very well versed in a variety of fitness regimes. 

Inspiration for the work

Stress relief and fun

  • "I developed my passion for fitness in the military," notes Ryan who served in Iraq and found stress relief in going to the gym on a regular basis during that time. He enjoyed training with his friends and wanted to learn a lot more about fitness as he gained confidence around his physical and intellectual strength about the craft.

Knowledge sharing and care

  • Ryan notes a feeling that we've all had "I was a little bit prideful about asking for help or letting a trainer help me," hitting on a key anxiety point that a lot of us have about how we run our fitness routines. He aims to break down that barrier by remaining knowledgeable and approachable, and by keeping it simple as he focuses on "teaching a safe an effective way of doing things."
Camp Victory training in the field in Bend Oregon

How this all works

Where everyone starts

  • Ryan describes the first few sessions, "It really runs the gambit, but the one thing that doesn't change is that we need to strengthen up the core and protect the spine. Working on strengthening up the stabilizing muscles and working on developing the posterior chain which a lot of people neglect because that's where so much of your power comes from. It helps your posture so much. And depending where their fitness level was, we're going to hit whatever goal they want to go into."

It's all about results

  • Ryan focuses on client goals and realizes that people are motivated to workout for a variety of reasons from athletic performance enhancement to just simply wanting to be healthy. "What I've really enjoyed, and whats meant more than anything to me is the amount of clients really fixated on their weight - and within a couple of months they were stronger, they were faster, their balance was better, they were better in their recreational activities and their daily life, and all the sudden the weight loss aspect starts to go away,and their feeling is if that comes with it, then great, but I feel good, I feel healthy, and I went to my doctor and had my best checkup I've had in a while."

What influenced Ryan to take the gym outside and on the road

Ryan is known for doing sessions outside or in homes and offices

  • "It's great to be able to show people that you don't need all this equipment," Ryan mentions as a trainer who is focused on more comprehensive core movements and less about isolating tiny little muscle groups he benefits by being able to take his service anywhere a client wants to meet with him. Most often this is outdoors he notes, "as soon as you get outdoors in Bend in these beautiful places on a beautiful day, you cant compare to those (inside) workouts and people are just psyched." I'm one of those people who still likes to train outside even if it's cold and rainy which he enthusiastically puts up with.

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Outside or in your home
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