Justin Bieber visited Bend, Oregon yesterday. I think it's no coincidence that he was seen at the Bend Factory Stores just a few weeks after denying rumors about moving to Sandy, Oregon. While nobody else wants to jump to conclusions, I figured that I should.


Well, let's admit that Bend is not always the first choice for people who are looking to relocate to Oregon. We can't always compete with Portland for attention and that's quite ok. Most of us really like the small town feel here. But I'm willing to make a compromise when it comes to Bieber.

It usually takes just one visit for folks to realize that Bend has way more sunshine, a much friendlier atmosphere, and the best access to the outdoors in all of the Pacific Northwest. I don't blame the Biebs for not understanding this right away, he's used to the sunshine of L.A. and probably wasn't prepared for all of that cloudy gloominess just west of us in Sandy. Love yourself Justin and consider everything that Bend has to offer. 

He has been quoted saying "I've got my eye on a few things to spend my money on. I've got my own bank card but I am really good with money. I don't spend too much at all." I don't want to take his words too seriously, but if you have a bank card you can most certainly have a house. If Justin were really considering a move to Bend here are a few homes he should take a look at. And by "look at" I mean he can't wait for a minute longer. It's getting competitive right here! See what I did there?

Without further adieu...the homes he should consider: 

Listing #201511312 - 17208 Crane Dr, Bend, OR 97707
Listed by: Randy L Crossley of Fred Real Estate Group

This is an obvious first choice for Bieber to look at in Bend. It has all of the classic attributes that one might expect from a log home in Central Oregon, most importantly a BBQ deck overlooking the river. And maybe, just maybe this will be the place for One Less Lonely Girl to call home, too.

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Listing #201509088 - 635 NW Delaware Ave, Bend, OR 97703
Listed by: Kristy Sumner of Fred Real Estate Group

I really want him to consider living downtown. This would really improve tourism and commerce for local businesses who would have swarms of raving Bieber fans to sell merchandise to. Furthermore, I really think he should pick something fun that would suit his personality a little better than a brand new golf course home. Keep Bieber in Bend!

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Listing #201601579 - 2341 NW Floyd Lane, Bend, OR 97703
Listed by: DeAnna Davis of Fred Real Estate Group

Bieber is a man of the people and as such I want to make a case that he live near Summit High School. While on one hand I could really see him thriving downtown, maybe he should really consider the suburbs so that he can finally settle down and stop getting in so much trouble. 

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Listing #201601912 - 18 NW Mckay Ave, Bend, OR 97703
Listed by: Curtis Delamarter of Fred Real Estate Group

Wait for a minute! Trust me on this one. While I too dream of a sprawling Bieber ranch in Sisters, I can also see him in this charming house which is next to everything fun in Bend. Remember the man has to tour the country and it would be cool for him to offer this place up to friends who want to visit while he's on the road. 

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Disclaimer: I have absolutely zero knowledge about Bieber looking for property in Bend. Just a news report from yesterday confirming his visit and the hope that we might one day be neighbors. So consider this a personal advertisement to Justin. Never say never!

All listing data and photos used with permission.

image: F.I.T. (cc) iloveJB123