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Bad roads, good real estate

Will increased values and real estate taxes be enough to help fix Bend's road issues?

Not as many cash purchases in Bend

Lower interest rates are tempting even for buyers who have the cash

Million dollar listing, Bend edition

Bend is outpacing a lot of the country in luxury sales

Student loan debt and housing

Millenials are buying homes, it's just taking them a lot longer due to student loan debt

Bend is a sellers market, here's some tips

Some tips for buyers navigating Bend's hot sellers market

Business is humming in Bend

The business index is looking up, way up

March housing up in Bend, down in Redmond

Bend median price at $365k Redmond $247k.

How the Fed will affect real estate in 2016

Rates not expected to rise in the short term

Bend real estate forecast is bright

10% appreciation in next 18 months?

Tech workers fleeing San Francisco rents

More tech workers are fleeing San Francisco for cheaper locales.

Grants, loans, and other services for buyers in OR

As home prices creep up, it's important to understand financing programs

Pro athletes open shop in Bend

Blending hobbies and business is a great next step for local residents. 

Silicon Valley is where we used to live

Bend will continue receiving its fair share of SV expats due to tech friendly atmosphere. 

Bend retail stores outperform nation

Retail jobs in 2015 in grew 9.6%, year over year while Bend retailers outdid national counterparts

The California exodus continues

High real estate values in California inspire more people to leave

Retired MLB pitcher finds solace in Bend

Bend is attracting more than just outdoor athletes

The hottest markets in the U.S.

The top 20 markets probably won't surprise you unless you expected Oregon to be on the list

People just keep moving to Oregon

People love moving to Oregon, but they might not love Portland for too long

Bend real estate prices rise again in 2015

It seems as if Bend real estate is continuing to perform